Stick With Us; FAQS

Stick With Us: FAQs

How do I place my membership on hold or continue my membership payments to support YMCA employees to continue distance community care?

Please, fill out this google form to submit your request to us Stick With Us Request Form 

Is there a due date to complete this form?

Yes, preferably we wanted this form filled out by Friday, April 3rd by 4:00 pm to process requests.

I missed the deadline; can I still fill the request form out?

Yes, please do. Aimee and Lexi are continuously working on fulling those requests from home.

Everyone in my family received the Stick With Us email, do we all need to fill it out?

No, only one person (preferably the primary account holder) needs to submit the google form back to us.  This email was sent to all currently active Hobart Family YMCA members to ensure each membership unit had the opportunity to respond.

I’ve filled out the google form, now what?

There is nothing else you need to do. Aimee and Lexi are working diligently to place your membership request. A confirmation response will be sent to the email provided in the google form.

How long will it take to have my request to be processed?

Aimee and Lexi are working persistently and daily to keep up. Thank you in advance for completing the form.

I’ve asked for information about the use of credit from my membership dues; how will that work?

First, thank you for continually supporting the Hobart Family YMCA. We are grateful to you. Once we are able to safely reopen our facility we will begin issuing gift certificates in the value amount of your membership dues processed during the shutdown. That gift certificate can be used to purchase programs or services from our Y. 

I’ve asked to continue supporting the Y at this time; what am I supporting?

First, thank you for continually supporting the Hobart Family YMCA. We are grateful to you. Your membership dues are supporting our current staff to continue the mission of the Y.

We are:

  • touching base to a variety of children, families, and seniors to support and connect during this time of isolation
    • Preschool student connections
    • Membership & program participant connections
    • School-Aged Childcare connections
    • 21st Century Tutoring  is continuing virtually
  • We are continuing deep cleaning and maintenance projects to enhance your member experience upon our reopening; while complying with CDC and federal recommendations
  • We are working to coordinate blood and food drives to support the critical needs of our community
  • Coordinating efforts to begin a face mask project with distance volunteers

I’ve asked to continue supporting the Y at this time because I am still employed; what happens if I can no longer support?

You are why we exist and we want nothing but the best for you and our community! You may make changes and updates at any time – just inform us of those changes and we will process your request.